Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Could school finance plan blow up again?

The Quorum Report posted a commentary late today on a possibility that TASA governmental relations staff began hearing speculation about earlier this week: Could the school finance plan embedded in Senate Bill 1 stymie the Legislature once again?

In the post, Quorum Report editor Harvey Kronberg explains that the reason the plan is proving divisive is because “the pain of school funding cuts is not all evenly distributed. Rural Republicans in particular believe that most of their school districts get creamed while suburban districts fare relatively well.”

Kronberg goes on to say that Republican freshmen may have assumed voting against Democrats was the way to go, but now they’re realizing that, in many ways, they may have more in common with Democrats than they do with their suburban Republican peers. They may be coming to the realization that voting for the school finance plan is a political move that could cost them re-election.

Stay tuned….Thursday should be interesting.

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