Friday, February 3, 2012

Spotlight on SMART Education Solutions

By Eric Weiss

Classroom presentation equipment has evolved since the dusty days of chalk and blackboards. By using new technology such as digital projection, motion recognition, and its own DViT (Digital Vision Touch) technology, SMART Education Solutions has come up with the next step in classroom presentation and interaction.

The SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard allows teachers to maintain seamless learning environments. There is no longer a need to interrupt classroom discussions in order to present information on a computer. By using gestures to interact with software directly on the SMART Board, teachers can maintain students’ attention and interest.

Intuitive hand and finger gestures allow teachers to open and close applications, zoom and rotate objects, flip through pages, and much more. Interactivity is truly in the instructors’ hands!

Because the system acts as a projector, just about anything can be displayed in front of the class, including videos and websites. SMART Ink pens allow teachers to write, circle, and diagram on top of applications. Handwriting is automatically smoothed out for increased legibility and can be moved around the screen by using hand gestures. The digital eraser works just like the ones used to clear whiteboards. Saving a capture of the screen is as simple as saving a PDF or PPT document. Files can also be loaded directly into any Microsoft Office 2010 application.

The SMART Board system reacts quickly by using cameras to identify when someone switches between a finger, pen or eraser. Many of the models allow two people to interact simultaneously, encouraging collaboration between teachers and students.

Because the system is self-contained, there is no longer a need to run wires and cables across the classroom and hope each device works with the others. Just connect to a computer, and the teacher is ready to teach.

The SMART Board system is an amazing piece of classroom technology that enhances the teaching experience and increases student engagement.

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