Thursday, March 22, 2012

Texas resolution goes nationwide

The total confirmed number of Texas districts that have adopted the board resolution concerning high stakes, standardized testing of Texas public school students is now 122. But the effort is spreading beyond Texas. The Community District Education Council 30 in Queens, New York unanimously passed a nearly identical resolution at a board meeting last night – essentially substituting New York for Texas. The council said they hope other New York City area districts will adopt similar resolutions.


  1. The biggest unreported story in education today is the rapidly spreading grassroots opposition to the Federally supported corporate takeover of the public schools. The Texas Board resolutions are one manifestation of this trend, but the movement is growing and spreading through social media and includes Long Island principals petition to stop teacher evaluation systems based on student test scores, the Save Our Schools March on D.C. last summer, the Occupy D.O.E. effort scheduled for next week, the National Opt Out of high stakes tests, Parents Across America, and the Letter to Obama calling for the resignation of Arne Duncan and a stop to penalties related to NCLB and Race to the Top. These efforts span the nation and include diverse groups of parents and educators. As one of the authors of the Letter to Obama, I invite you to read the letter, sign if you agree, and pass it on if appropriate

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